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MDR Data Recovery Solution Sdn Bhd (770513-W)
No 35-3A-2, Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 1,
Taman Usahawan Kepong,52100
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel No: +603-6259-3008 / Fax: +603-6259-3009 / Mobile : +6012-396-3232

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IDE, SCSI hard disk:-
    Maxtor (Quantum)
    Western Digital
    Hitachi (IBM)
    Conner etc
Digital Storage Card:-
    Secure Digital (SD)
    Compact Flash I & II
    xD card
    USB Thumdrive
Floppy and Cartridge
    IBM compatible 1.44/1.2MB
    Iomega ZIP disk/ JAZ
    Macintosh Superdisk
    MO disk

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Hard storage media
Data Recovery Service List

MDR Data Recovery center capable and qualified offering full range of data recovery services to customers in Malaysia and overseas, main categories listed below:

    Hard storage media recovery

    Databases and system recovery

    Password recovery on File and Archive

MDR as the pioneer in local data recovery industry, execute all data recovery jobs in Malaysia, no hard drive to be sent overseas for recovery attempt. With the brand new, fully equipped clean labs established in Kuala Lumpur, we seize the opportunities of providing data recovery solution to local needs or even overseas customers, and matter of  fact, we are proven capable by lots of returning customers.

With years of innovative research and development, technical support, materials and datasheets from various manufacturers, MDR constantly strengthen it's technical resources, skills and experience, ready to tackle various kind of hard drive problem (to be described below).
Therefore, it is time to open up our mindset, take a look on what Malaysian data recovery center can do...
Password recovery
File Password
   Zip & RAR Archive
   Microsoft Excel
   Microsoft Excess
   Microsoft Powerpoint

Mailbox Password
   Microsoft Outlook (PST)
   Outlook Express (dbx)
   Lotus notes (nsf)
   Eudora (pro) mail

Databases & System
Database platform
   SQL Server
   Lotus notes
   Microsoft AccessMDB

Operating System
   MS Windows (3.x ~XP)
   MS Windows (Server edition)
   Linux (ReiserFS)
   SUN Solaris
   Snap-server (Ethernet server),FreeBSD
   Iomega NAS (Network attach storage) etc

File System & Cofiguration
   FAT (12/16/32)
   Ext2 & Ext3 JFS ReiserFS
   RAID 0 1 5

       Transfer platter
Conventional mechanical driven hard drive (3.5", 2.5" and 1.8") that failed with critical "illness" e.g. mechanical clicking noises or a total mechanical death situation, platter transfer is normally the best data salvation method. The job of transferring platter require cleanroom facilities, special fabricated tools and most importantly, handling experience.
Diagnose incoming hard drives
When faulty hard disk received into labs, each component (circuit board, HDA) are to be probe separately with basic tools like oscilloscopes, voltage measuring tools and in house signal measuring equipment,  No direct power to be input to the hard drive until the probing completed (to prevent further damages, specially for mechanical failed cases). 

Repair surface mounted printed circuit board (PCB)
       Access to firmware
To deal with firmware defects, a full range of firmware database from different maker is a must. Proper firmware writing tools are so critical as for a malfunctioning hard drive, you may have only one chance to perform this particular task, and to recover the data..
For hard drive technology, we are dealing with multi-layer printed circuit board repairing and reviving tasks, to deal with tiny scale yet high complexity components like ICs, the SMT (Surface Mounting Technology) know-how and understanding on how each circuitry module works are extremely important.
As 80% of to-date hard drives do not share circuit board (firmware and parameter of each drive are designed to be exclusive), the chances of recovery sometime may only rely on the same problematic circuit board.  
       Motor and slider
Dead motor and faulty slider (read/write head module) defects are categorized as one of the toughest task in this data recovery job (when platter transfer, circuitry and firmware repair are not permitted or relevant).
With years of research, our knowledge on newer generation of motor (Fluid dynamic bearing motor) and slider re-alignment technique are enhancing, by now, on certain hard drive model, we have captured the techniques for motor co-planarity assembly and multi platter slider assembly.    
Hotline: +6012 396 3232      +603-6259-3008